A picture of me

Avinash Pandey

I do maths. I do code.

About Me

Hello! I am Avinash Pandey, a 26 year old guy who is enthusiastic about mathematics and programming in general.

I program mainly in JS, Python and C++. I enjoy solving algorithmic problems and ricing-up my linux setup (check my dotfiles). Sometimes, I contribute to open source projects.

Although mathematics as a whole is fascinating, my interest lies mostly in graph theory, combinatorics and number theory. Olympiad-style problems keep me occupied sometimes.

Here are some of the stuff I have built.

  • D3 Graph Theory - Interactive and visual graph theory tutorials made using d3.js.
  • Omnibang - A Chrome/Firefox extension for searching websites directly from the address bar.
  • Simple Graph Playground - Create your graph diagrams, you know, just for fun.